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Supported prefabricated abutment blanks in DentalCAM 7

Search and filter the table with over 1,000 abutments


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欢迎光临 has been localized in Chinese


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DentalCAM 7.08 P13 Is Here!

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Updating DentalCAM and DentalCNC




This self-service portal will help you operate and maintain your vhf dental machine and DentalCAM safely and efficiently.

It is available 24/7 – there is no need to wait for call backs, emails or similar.

Should you require personal assistance, your reseller will be glad to assist you.



If this site does not contain what you are looking for, vhf provides alternative resources on the web.

Are you looking for a general dental machine overview? Click or tap here.

Are you interested in finding a reseller for a tailor-made offer? Click or tap here.

Do you want to get a quick overview of our dental tools? Click or tap here.

Are you looking for information about vhf portal milling machines? Click or tap here.



Safety first. Not only in case of an emergency, try to keep humans safe from harm first and foremost.

Read the manual. The operating instructions cover all functions of your machine, offer step-by-step instructions for all procedures and contain valuable tips.

Update DentalCAM & DentalCNC regularly. Only use versions which officially support your machine.

Maintain your machine as required. Many milling issues can be avoided by performing the maintenance tasks described in the operating instructions.

Record and share. Take notes and make them available to your co-workers.